Daughter-in-law's Golden Age
Myeoneuri Jeonseong Sidae
KBS weekend drama (2007) - 52 episodes total
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Aired on KBS2 in Korea:  July 28, 2007 to Jan.
20, 2008 Saturday & Sunday nights at 7:55
(replaced Happy Woman).
Not aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii.

Lee Bok-soo (30):  Kim Ji Hoon (Flowers for
My Life/Golden Apple)
Suh Mi-sook (Bok-soo's mom, 50):  Yoon Yeo
Jung (To My Love)
Lee Soo-gil (Bok-soo's dad, 50):  Park In Hwan
(Money War)
Oh Hyang-sim (70):  Kim Eul Dong (Jung Hee
Lee Bok-nam (Bok-soo's younger sister, 30):  
Suh Young Hee (Farewell to Tears)
Jo Mi-jin (20):  Le Soo Kyung
Yoon In-kyung (Mi-jin's mom, 50):  Kim Bo
Yeon (Hwang Jini)
Jo Min-sik (Mi-jin's dad, 50):  Lee Young Ha
Jo In-woo (Ji-jin's older brother, 20):  Lee Pil
Mo (Here Comes Ajumma)
Cha Soo-hyun (30):  Song Sun Mi (White
Tower/Letters to the Parents)
Go Joon-myung (Soo-hyun's husband, 30):  
Jang Hyun Sung (Letters to the Parents)
Lee Myung-hee (Hyang-sim's daughter, 50):  
Kim Hye Ok (Love & Hate)
Go Yeon-joong (Myung-hee's husband, 50):  
Yoon Joo Sang
Kim Ki-ha (In-woo's friend, 30):  Lee Jong
(Sky High)
Suh Ong-sim (70):  Yeo Woon Kye (Money War)
Oh Sang-sook (40):  Kim Mi Kyung (Pure in
Dr. No Seung-yoo (20): Lee Ha
Huh Ji-na (30):  Sung Eun
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Learn Korean:
myeoneuri (myeo-neu-ri) = daughter-in-law
jeonseong (jeon-seong) = golden
sidae (si-dae) = age/era/period

Variations of drama name:
Daughter-in-law's Golden Age
Daughters-in-law (title used by KBS World)

Screenwriter:  Jo Jung Sun
PD:  Jung Hae Ryong (Wedding)

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Mi-jin (left) & Bok-soo
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