Dalja's Spring
Daljaui Bom
KBS Wed/Thurs drama (2007) - 22 episodes total
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www.kbs.co.kr/drama/dalja/index.html/ (in Korean).
Aired on KBS2 in Korea:  Jan. 3, 2007 to March 15, 2007 Wednesday &
Thursday nights at 9:55 (replaced Hwang Jini).

Oh Dal-ja (33):  Chae Rim (All About Eve)
Kang Tae-bong (27): Lee Min Ki (Really Like You/Be Strong
Eom Ki-joong (36): Lee Hyun Woo (Wedded Bliss)
Wie Seon-joo (33): Lee Hye Young (First Love)
Shin Se-do (33): Gong Hyung Jin (Alone in Love)
Jung Jung-ae (Dal-ja's mom, 55):  Lee Kyung Jin (Beautiful Days)
Lee Kkeut-soon (Dal-ja's grandmother, 70):  Kim Young Ok (Her House)
Kang Soon-hong (Tae-bong's dad, 58):  Kil Yong Woo
Son Young-sim (Tae-bong's mom, 58):  Kwon Ki Sun (Super Rookies)
Kang Soon-sil (Tae-bong's aunt):  ___
X old person (70):  Kim Sung Kyum (Miss Kim's Adventures in Making a
Dal-ja's boss:  Yang Hee Kyung (Super Rookie/On the Green Prairie)
Nam Dae-soo (44):  Oh Kyung Soo
Go Soon-ae (37):  Kim Na Woon (Love & Ambition)
Hong Ji-hee (25):  Seo Yeoung (What's Up, Fox?)
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www.kbs.co.kr/drama/dalja/about/cast/cast.html (in Korean).

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click here (warning:  contains spoilers).

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absence, in a 11/24/06 KBS Global article at:

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Global article at:  
entertainment/news/1433573_11858.html (warning:  contains spoilers).

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Learn Korean:
Dal-ja = name of character
ui = 's or of
bom = Spring (season)

Variations of drama name:
Dal-ja's Spring (title used by KBS Global
Spring of Dal-ja (title used by YesAsia)
My Dear Dal-ja (title used by KBFD-TV)

Screenwriter:   Kang Eun Kyung (Hotelier/Oh!
Pil-seung/Hello God!)
P.D.:  Lee Jae Sang (Wedding Dress/Loneliness)
Music:  Ji Pyung Kwon

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