Dae Jo-young
Dae Jo-young
KBS epic drama (2006) - 134  episodes total
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Aired on KBS1 in Korea:  September 16, 2006 to Dec. 23,
2007 on Saturday and Sunday nights at 9:30 (replaced Seoul
Not aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii.
Aired on WYBE in Philadephia with English subtitles
(started March 15, 2007).

Dae Jo-young: Choi Soo Jong (Emperor of the Sea)
Lee Hae-go: Jung Bo Suk (Daddy Fish)
Seol In-gui: Lee Duk Hwa (My Precious Child)
Cho-rin: Park Ye Jin (Thank You Life/Hearts in Bali)
Sok-young: Hong Soo Hyun (My Precious Child)
Yeonkae So-moon: Kim Jin Tae
Yang Min-choon: Im Dong Jin  (Piano)
Daejongsang: Im Hyuk
Shin Hong: Kim Kyu Chul (Delicious Proposal)
Bo Jang-wang: Kil Young Woo
Kim Mo-jam: Kim Myung Soo
Kil Sabiwoo: Choi Chul Ho
Yeon Nam-saeng: Im Ho (Dae Jang-geum)
Bo Ki-won: Kim Ha Kyoon (Sweet Spy/Secret)
Heuk Soo-dol: Kim Hak Chul (Wang Gun)
Sa Boo-koo: Jung Ho Geun
Jang San-hae: Im Sun Taek
Eun Sa-moon: Lee ______
Dol-bal (Dae Jo-young's dad):  Jang Soon Keuk
Dal-ki (Dae Jo-young's mom):  Ha Da Som/Park Soon Chun
Ji Myung-chun: Jang Ki Yong
Ah Ki-woo: Lee Kye Young
Kye-jin: Lee Il Woong
Go Sa-kye: Kim Joo Young
Sun-kyum: Kim Dong Suk
Moo-Yeom: Shin Won Kyoon
Boo Ji-kwang: Park Ji Il
Boo Bok-ae: Go In Bum
Ki Sil-yi: Kim Kyung Hee
Dang Tae-jong: Song Yong Tae
Cheuk Chun Moo-hoo: Yang Geum Suk (Gift)
Jang Son Moo-ki: Ahn Dae Yong
Kang Ha Wang: Jung Jae Kon
Lee-juk: Sun Dong Hyuk
Bang Kyo-tae: Jin Woon Sung
So Jung-bang: Kim Ki Bok
Son Man-young: Jo In Pyo
Lee Jin-choong: Kim Dong Hyun
Hong Pae: Yoo Tae Seul
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Variations of drama name:
Dae Jo Young
The King Dae Joyoung (title used by KBS Global
Marketing & KBS World)
Dae Jo Yeong (title used by YesAsia)

Screenwriter:   Jang Young Chul
P.D.:  Kim Jong Sun (Wang Gun) & Yoon Sung Sik
Music:  Lee Pil Ho (Seoul 1945) & Lee Im Woo
Hair:  Jung Hong Keuk
Hair Stylists:  Min Eun Joo, Park Yoon Hee & Kang
Hye Jin

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