Dae Jang-geum
MBC Mon/Tues miniseries (2003)- 54 episodes
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Aired on MBC in Korea:  September 15, 2003 - March 23, 2004
on Monday & Tuesday nights at 9:55.
Aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii without English subtitles:   
December 1, 2003 - June 2, 2004 Monday & Tuesday nights at
9:25 (not subtitled).

Suh Jang-geum (8-49):
--as a child:  Jo Jung Eun
--as an adult:  
Lee Young Ae (Fireworks)
Lt. General Min Jung-ho (29-50):  Ji Jin Hee (Love
Letter/Spring Days)
Choi Keum-young (20-40):
--as a child:  Lee Se Young (Gift)
--as an adult:  Hong Ri Na
King Joong-jong (20-60):  Im Ho (Her House)
Kang Duk-gu (35-60):  Im Hyun Sik (All In)
Lady Han (Jang-geum's cooking mentor, 40):  Yang Mi Kyung
(Sunshine/Tender Hearts)
Lady Choi (Keum-young's paternal aunt, 38):   Kyun Mi Ri (To
Be With You/Who's My Love)
Lady Jung Mal-geum (highest lady of the kitchen, 55)  Yeo
Woon Kye (Who's My Love)
Head Court Lady Yong Shin (40-60):  Park Jung Soo (Who's My
Yeon-seng (Jang-geum's close friend, 10-42):
--as a child:  __
--as an adult:  Park Eun Hye (18 vs. 29)
Young-ro (Court Lady, 20-35):
--as a child:  __
--as an adult:  Lee Ip Sae
Jo-bang (Court lady, 30):  Lee Hye Sang
Lady Min: Kim So Yi
Chang-yee (Court lady):  Choi Ja Hye (Be Strong Geum-soon)
King's mother:  Shin Kuk
Queen:  Park Jung Sook
Jung Yoon-soo (head physician, 45-60):  Jun In Taek
Yoo Sang-chyul (43-57):  ___
Kim Dil-chyun (35-65):  ___
Shi Yeon (30):  Kim Do Yeon
Lady Park Myeong (Jang-geum's mom/Court Lady, 18-28)  Kim
Hye Sun (Conditions of Love)
Suh Chun-soo (Jang-geum's dad/military officer, 19-60):  Park
Chan Hwan
Yoon Mak-ke (40-60):  Na Sung Kyoon
In-dong (37):  Paek Hyun Sook
Sir Oh Kyum-ho (Right Prime Minister, 48):  Jo Kyung Hwan
(Mothers & Sisters)
Choi Pan-sool (Keum-young's uncle, 45):  Lee Hee Do
Doo Jang (40):  ___
Jung Woon-baek (herb garden supervisor, 45):  Maeng Sang
Hoon (Loneliness/Golden Era)
Na Joo-daek (Duk-gu's wife, 35):  Keum Bo Ra (Match Made in
Heaven/Fox & Cotton Candy)
Kang Dong-yi (25):  ___
Ko Do-chil (33-45): ___
Jang-duk (physician lady from Jeju):  Kim Yeo Jin (Second
Prof. Shin Ik-pil (physician):  Park Eun Soo (Mothers & Sisters)
Jo Chi-bok (physician):  Ji Sang Ryul
Yeul-yee (rival physician lady):  Lee Se Eun
Shin-bi (physician lady/Jang-geum's friend):  Han Ji Min (All In)
Bi-sun (physician lady):  Kim Min Hee
Eun-bi (physician lady):  Lee Seung Ah
Jo-dong (physician lady):  Jun Soo Yeon (Mothers & Sisters)
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This is a true story of the first female royal physician in the
Korean royal house.  She starts as an escort in the royal kitchen
but thanks to her parent's teachings, she goes on to become the
King's personal doctor.  She is a real person in Korea's recorded

* Many thanks to
fellow addict chrissy from Philly for the

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Learn Korean:
dae = great/big
Jang-geum = name of character (can also be romanized as Jang Geum,
Jang-Geum, Janggeum, Jang Gum, Jang-Gum, Janggum, Jang Keum, etc.)

Other variations of drama name:
Dae Jang Geum
Dae Janggeum (title used by KBFD-TV)
Great Leader of the Century
Jewel in the Palace
The Great Jang-geum

Screenwriter:   Kim Young Hyun (Legend)
Producer:  Lee Byung Hoon (Sang Do)

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NOTE:  The Center for Korean Studies at the University of Hawaii had a
symposium on this drama on November 11, 2005.

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