Four Sisters
Neh Jah Mae Ee Yah Gi
MBC Miniseries drama (2001)- 20 episodes
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Aired in Korea:   June 13, 2001 - Aug 16, 2001
Aired on KBFD-TV:  8/1/01 - 10/4/01
Wednesday & Thursday nights 8:00 - 9:00
(replaced Hotelier)

Sung Hae-jung (oldest sister):  Hwang Su Jung
(Yeo-kyong, the mute sister, in Mothers & Sisters)
Dr. Sung Yu-jin (second sister):  Chae Rim (Sun-mi in
All About Eve)
Sung Yu-mi (third sister):  Ahn Yeon Hong
Sung Yu-sun (fourth sister):  Park Yae Jin
Dr. Lee Young-hoon (family friend):  Han Jae Suk
(Woo Jin, the guy who dies in All About Eve)
Min Jun-ha (sports agent):  Kim Chan Woo
Han Tae-suhk (Yu-mi's boyfriend):  Ji Jin Hee
Kim Ki-chul (widowed coach):  Park Chul
Dr. Sung Jae-bong (father):  Lee Jung Kil  (Sangho in
Tender Hearts)
__ Yeo-jin (mother):  Kim Young Ran (Jae-hoon's
mother in Golden Era)
Dr. Min Yun-taek:  Kim Yong Gun (Hee-ae's father in
Delicious Proposal)
Kim Soon-young (Young-hoon's mother):  Yang Geum
__ Yang-muk (Young-hoon's grandmother):  Kim Ji
Han Bong-pal:  Kim Se Joon (Chinese master chef in
Delicious Proposal)
Kim Hwa-mi:  Noh Hyun Hee (Snowflakes)
Shin Dong-soo:  ___
Min Su-jin (Jun-ha's cousin):  ___
Yim Ae-ri:  ___
Sun Bae:  Lee Geun Hee
Suh Jae-yeon (Yu-mi's fiance):  Nam Sung Jin
Hae-jung (child):  Lee Ae Jung (Autumn Story)
Yu-jin (child): ___
Yu-mi (child): ___
Yu-sun (child): ___ (Chef Ko Sang-man's daughter in
Young-hoon (child): ___
coach's mother:  Kim Bok Hee (Young-wook's
grandmother in Her House)

This is a story about Hae-jung and her 3 younger
half-sisters (Yu-jin, Yu-mi and Yu-sun).

Hae-jung (age 27), the oldest sister, is looked down
upon by her step-mother (who is the mother of her
half-sisters; the sisters all have the same father).  
Hae-jung is quiet and self-sacrificing by nature, and
works as a nurse for her father, a famous doctor.

Yu-jin (age 25), the second sister, is blunt and
demanding.  She is a medical doctor finishing her
residency at the university hospital.

Yu-mi (age 24), the third sister, becomes engaged to a
rich guy, but loves another guy (Tae-suhk).

Yu-sun (age 19), the youngest daughter, is still in
school and has a heart problem.

Young-hoon (age 27), was raised in the same household
as the sisters since his mother and grandmother worked
as maids for the Jung family.  Young-hoon, also a
doctor, likes Hae-jung, but is pursued by Yu-jin.
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Learn Korean:
Neh = 4
Jah Mae = sister
Ee Yah Gi = story

Other variations of drama name:
Story of Four Sisters
Four Sisters Story
Ne Ja Mae Ee Ya Ki

Writer:  Oh Soo Yun
Producer:  Lee Jin Suk (also did All About Eve)

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From left:  Yu-sun, Yu-mi,
Yu-jin and Hae-jung