Two Wives
Du Anae
SBS daily drama (2009) - 120 episodes total
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Aired in Korea:  May 4, 2009 to Oct. 30, 2009
on SBS Monday thru Friday nights at 7:15.
Aired on KBFD-TV in Hawaii with English
subtitles:  September 30, 2009 to July 1, 2010
Wednesday and Thursday nights at 9:25 p.m.;
replayed next afternoon at 1:00 (replaced
Women in the Sun).

Kang Chul-soo: Kim Ho Jin (Seoul 1945)
Yoon Young-hee (Chul-soo's 1st wife):  Kim
Ji Young
(My Love Fool)
Han Ji-sook (Chul-soo's 2nd wife):  Son Tae
(One Million Roses)
Song Ji-ho: Kang Ji Sup (Dear Heaven)
Kang Han-byul (Chul-soo & Young-hee's son,
7):  Eom Min Woo
Yoon Jang-soo (Young-hee's dad):  Jun Moo
Song (Kukhee)
Ms. Suh (Young-hee's mom):  Jo Yang Ja
(Yellow Handkerchief)
Yoon Nam-joon (Young-hee's younger
brother):  Andy
Jo Mi-mi (Young-hee's friend):  Lee Yoo Jin
(Beautiful Days)
Jang Young-ja (Chul-soo's mom):  Kim Young
Rim (Wife)
Kang Do-hee (Chul-soo's younger sister):  
Kim Yoon Kyung
Ahn Kwang-tae: Kang Sung Jin
Oh Dal-ja (Kwang-tae's mom):  Kim Young
Ran (Dear Heaven)
Han So-ri (Ji-sook's daughter):  Kim Soo Jung
Lee Young-min: ___
Oh Hye-ran: ___
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Producer:  Kim Yong Jin & Son Jae Sung
Screenwriter:  Lee Yoo Sun
Director:  Yoon Ryu Hae

Learn Korean:
du = 2
anae (a-nae) = wife

Variations of drama name:
Two Wives (literal translation)

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Chul-soo (left), Ji-sook,
Ji-ho & Young-hee