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Chosun Ilbo 10/21/06
Bell Ringing:  Korea Times 2/1/07 (ceremony)
Bokjory (hand-woven rice sifter):  Dong-A Ilbo 2/12/07
Blood Type:  JoongAng Daily 9/3/06 (ice breaker)
Brassware:  JoongAng Daily 2/5/08 (Brass adds a touch of polish to local
Bumping Trees:  JoongAng Daily 10/15/06 (Korean myth)
Brunch:  Korea Times 2/22/07 (new concept to Koreans)
Calligraphy:  JoongAng Daily 2/27/07 (Chusa-style)
Campaign Banners:  JoongAng Daily 11/13/05 (monthly campaigns)
Cheomgaje (fuel additive):  JoongAng Daily 10/30/05 (illegal additive)
Chuseok:  Chosun Ilbo 9/21/07 (A Guide to the Chuseok Ancestral
Memorial Service)
Clothes:  Chosun Ilbo 4/19/09 (5 Centuries of Shrinking Korean Fashions)
Colors:  JoongAng Daily 4/2/07 (significance of green and white)
Cultural Property:  JoongAng Daily 1/22/07 (tangible or intangible)
Dancing:  JoongAng Daily 2/26/07 (dancing places)
Divorce:  JoongAng Daily 3/8/07 (prevention)
Doljanchi (first birthday ceremony):  Korea Times 12/22/08 (First Birthday
Party Extravaganza Becomes Common)
Drinking:  JoongAng Daily 1/12/07 (drinking menu set); JoongAng Daily
11/12/06 (etiquette)
Driving:  JoongAng Daily 1/16/06 (intersection rules)
Education:  KBS World 1/2/08 (Change in School Enrollment Eligibility
Eunjangdo (silver knife):  JoongAng Daily 3/12/07 (history)
Face Reading (gwansang):  JoongAng Daily 2/5/06 (ears)
Family Relation Register:  KBS World 1/3/08 (replaces hoju system)
First Full Moon Day (Chongwol Taeborum):  Korea Times 3/1/07 (traditional
holiday) ; Korea Times 2/28/07 (festivals)
Firsts in Korean History:  Korea Times 12/14/06
Flowers:  Joong Ang Daily 4/10/05 (national flower)
Foreigners:  Chosun Ilbo 2/1/07 (foreign investors); Chosun Ilbo 1/30/07
(bias against foreigners)
Garbage:  JoongAng Daily 1/29/07 (unattended garbage); JoongAng Daily
12/11/05 (trash cans) ; JoongAng Daily 12/12/04 (wasted leftover food)
Gisaeng:  Korea Times 7/12/07 (Hanbok); Korea Times 11/25/06; Chosun
Ilbo 10/24/06
"Gold Miss":  Chosun Ilbo 1/10/07
Gojoseon Kingdom:  Dong-A Ilbo 2/24/07 (history)
Haenyeo (women divers):  JoongAng Daily 11/8/07 (Old women divers and
the deep sea)
Hair:  JoongAng Daily 3/26/07 (different types of hair perms)
Hangeul:  Chosun Ilbo 2/22/07 (romanization pratfalls)
Hanging Fish:   JoongAng Daily 1/7/07 (protection for a new home)
Hanji (traditional Korean paper):  JoongAng Daily 10/13/08 (Unfolding new
uses for paper)
Homes:  JoongAng Daily 4/2/07 (hanok-a traditional Korean home);
JoongAng Daily 12/18/05 (apartment living)
Horse meat:  Chosun Ilbo 11/20/06
Jipsin (traditional straw sandals):  JoongAng Daily 3/6/05 (history)
Jjimjibang (dry sauna):  JoongAng Daily 8/7/05 (socializing place)

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