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Chae - Chi
CHAE JUNG AHN (Chae Jeong Ahn)
Born:  September 9, 1977
Height/Weight:  172 cm (5' 8") / 48 kg (106 lbs)
TV dramas:  
A New Leaf (Jung-sun);  The Prime Minister and I (Hye-joo);  The Queen of Reversal;  Cain &
Abel (Seon-Yeon); Coffee Prince (Yoo-joo); Emperor of the Sea (Lady Chae-ryung); Running After Dream
(Hee-ya); On the Prairie (Soon-ho); Mina (Mina); Snowflakes (Ji-ho); Paper Crane (Yeo-ok)  
Movies:  Long & Winding Road (2005)
She is also a singer with several music CDs.
Korea JoongAng Daily 4/6/12 (Chae Jung-an found love at church);  KBS Global 2/7/05    

CHAE MIN SUH  (Chae Min Seo)
Real name:  Jo Ah Ra
Born:  March 16, 1981
Height/Weight:  167 cm (5' 6") / 48 kg (106 lbs)
School:  Daeduk University
TV dramas:  You Don't Know Woman;  Bad Couple (Se-yeon); Romance Hunter; Pearl Necklace (Yeon-jung)
Movies:  Vegetarian (2010); Don't Tell Papa (2003); Champion (2001)
Korea JoongAng Daily 1/31/12 (Actress Chae Min-seo busted for drunk-driving);  Chosun Ilbo 2/20/10
(Actress Chea Min-seo Pushes the Limits in 'Vegetarian');  Korea times 2/2/10 (Actress Loses 8kg)

CHAE RIM  (Chae Lim)
Real name:  Park Chae Rim
Born:  March 25, 1979
Family:  1st marriage to singer Lee Seung Hwan (who she first met in 1999 and is 12 years older than her) on
May 24, 2003, ended in divorce in March 2006.  Her younger brother is actor Park Sang Wook.
Height/Weight:  168 cm (5' 6") / 48 kg (106 lbs.)
TV dramas:  The Lee Family (a Chinese drama);  Oh! My Lady (Gae-hwa); Cheer up on Love (Kang-joo);
Powerful Opponents; The Mischievous Princess 2 (a Chinese drama); Dal-ja's Spring (Dal-ja); Secret Legend of
Kang Xi's Dynasty (a Chinese drama); Love of the Aegean Sea (a Chinese epic drama); Oh Pil-seung & Bong
Soon-young (Soon-young); On the Prairie (Yon-ho); We Are Dating Now (Ho-jung); Four Sisters (Yu-jin); Air
Force (Jin-kyung); Cheers for the Women (Suh-young); All About Eve (Sun-mi); MBC's Loving You (Sun-hwa)
Awards:  SBS Popular Actor Award (2000); MBC Popular Actor Award (1999); MBC New Actor Award (1998)
Bronx's Junkyard,   PopsCast            
Chosun Ilbo 9/11/14 (Chaerim visits Summer Palace with Giqi's mother);  Chosun Ilbo 6/18/14 (Chae
Rim to Marry Rising Chinese Star);  Korea JoongAng Daily 6/18/14 (Actress marries Chinese boyfriend);  Korea
Herald 6/17/14 (Chaerim to marry Gao Zi Qi in fall);  Korea JoongAng Daily 3/29/14 (Chae Rim finds love in
China);  Chosun Ilbo 3/28/14 (Chae Rim Falls Head Over Heels for Chinese Actor);  Korea Times 3/28/14 (Chae
Rim dating Chinese actor);  Korea JoongAng Daily 11/28/12 (Chae Rim snags main role on Chinese drama);  
KBS Global 5/29/07; Chosun Ilbo 2/5/07; Dong-A Ilbo 12/21/06; KBS Global 11/24/06; KBS Global 8/28/06;
KBS Global 4/7/05;  Korea Times 9/7/04;   Dong-A Ilbo 6/24/03; 5/8/00      
Fan sites:,,         
Fan mail address (obtained from discussion board post):
150-010, 906 Lifecombi B/D, Youido-Dong, Youngdungpo-Ku, Seoul, Korea

CHAE SI RA (Chae Shi Ra)
Born:  June 25, 1968
Family:  married to Kim Tae Wook; has 1 daughter
Height/Weight:  168 cm (5' 6") / 49 kg (108 lbs)
School:  Dongkuk University (undergraduate and graduate school)
TV dramas:  Five Fingers (Young-rang);  Empress Cheon Chu (Empress Cheon Chu); Invisible Man Choi
Jang-soo ((So-young); Emperor of the Sea (Madam Jami); Conditions of Love (Gum-pah); Maengs Success
Period; Cheers for the Women (Da-young)
Korea JoongAng Daily 7/12/12 (Chae Si-ra to star in new SBS drama);  JoongAng Daily 1/14/09
(Warrior empress rules over TV ratings with an iron fist); KBS Global 1/12/09 (New KBS History Drama to
Target Both Genders)
Chae Jung Ahn
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