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BAEK IL SUP  (Paek Il Sub/Seop/Seob)
Born:  June 10, 1944  
Family:  married; has 1 son and 1 daughter.
School:  Myungji University
TV dramas:  Goddess of Marriage (Ji-hye's dad);   Please Marry Me; My Too Perfect Sons (Kwang-ho);  
Hyunhaetan Marriage War (Dal-man); Angry Mom (Il-suk); Bad Woman, Good Woman (Tae-hyun's dad);
My Love (Sang-koo); My Precious Child (Duk-bae); Wedding Gift (Jung-il's dad); Pretty Woman
(Dae-woong's dad); Bodyguard (Kyung-tak's dad); Gold Wagon; Glass Slipper (Tae-hee's grandfather);
Legend; Fox & Cotton Candy; Fireworks (Ji-hyun's dad), Kaist, Loving You-MBC
Movies:  My Tutor Friend  
TV Reality Shows:  Grandpas Over Flowers (2013)
Korea Herald 9/25/13 (Senior actor in hot water over pay at tourism agency);  Korea JoongAng
Daily 7/29/13 ('Grandpas Over Flowers' a ratings hit);  KBS Global 7/23/10 (Actress:  Motherly Drama
Image a Burden);  Chosun Ilbo 11/15/07 (Famous Actor Threatens Lee Hoi-chang With Beating)

Born:  February 8, 1990
Height:  163 cm (5' 4")
TV dramas:  
Triangle (Jung-hee);  Empress Ki (Tanasili); Pots of Gold;  Loving You a Thousand Times
Korea JoongAng Daily 4/4/14 (Baek Jin-hee cast in love triangle);  Chosun Ilbo 3/27/14 (Baek
Jin-hee Hits Right Note as Villain in TV Soap)

BAEK SUNG HYUN  (Paek Seong Hyeon)
Born:  January 30, 1989
Height/Weight:  174 cm  (5' 8-1/2") /  55 kg (121 lbs)
TV dramas:   Emperor of the Sea (young Goong-bok); Age of Heroes (young Tae-san); Stairway to Heaven
(young Song-ju); 5 Brothers & Sisters; Damo (child Hwangbo); Sweet Bear; Golden Era
Movie:  Marathon (2005)

BAEK YOON SIK  (Paek Yun Shik)
Born:  March 16, 1947
TV dramas:  
Tomorrow's Cantabile (Franz);  Harvest Villa;  Tree with Deep Roots (Se-jong' dad)

BAN HYO JUNG  (Pan Hyo Jeong)
Born:  November 27, 1942
School:  Seoul Art Institute
TV dramas:  Goddess of Marriage (Chairwoman);  Definitely Neighbors (Sung-jae's mom);  
Legacy (Hwan's grandmother); The Road Home (Hyo-soon); Scary Girl (In-ja); Good Day to Love
(Jin-kook's mom); Thanks Life (Yoon-ho's mom); My Sweetheart (Young-soon); Second Proposal ("Ava
Gardner"); Conditions of Love (Jung-han's mom); One Million Roses (Kwi-boon); To Be With You
(Keum-bong's mom); Dawn of the Empire; 3 Friends; When She Beckons (Bum-su's mom)

Born:  December 1, 1967
Family:  1 son
Height/Weight:  167 cm (5' 6")  / 48 kg (106 lbs)
TV dramas:  
Suspicious Housekeeper (Uh-jin's mom);  Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek (Mi-ok); Bride of the Sun;  
Man in the Vineyard (Young-ran); Golden Apple; Letter to the Parents; More Beautiful Than a Flower;
Don't Worry
KBS Global 1/17/13 (Supproting Cast Full of Personality)
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