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Choj - Cz
CHOO SANG MI  (Chu Sang Mee)
Born:  May 9, 1973
Family:  Father is the late actor/producer Choo Song Woong.  She married musical actor Lee Seok Joon on
Nov. 5, 2007.
Height/Weight:  163 cm (5' 4") / 42 kg (93 lbs)
School:  Hongik University
TV dramas:  City Hall (Joo-hwa); My Lady (Min-ye); Snow in August (Ban-sook);
Let's Marry (Suk-soon);  
Love & Ambition (Jung-ja); Lawyers (Yi-ryung); Yellow Handkerchief (Min-joo); Sunflower; Invitation; Are
You in Love?
Movies:  Smile; Everyone Has a Secret; The Soul Guardians; On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning
Gate; Say Yes; Contact
Stage musicals:  Padam, Padam, Padam
Awards:  SBS Best Supporting Actress in a Drama (2006); KBS Best Actress, Silver (2003)  
Korea JoongAng Daily 12/6/11 (Choo Sang -mee gives birth to healthy baby boy);  Korea Times
2/27/08 (Celebrities Return to Theater); KBS Global 11/5/07 (Chu Sang-mi and Lee Seok-jun to Tie Knot);
JoongAng Daily 9/5/07; KBS Global 6/15/07; Chosun Ilbo 1/9/07; Korea Times 1/26/05;  Korea Herald

CHOO SO YOUNG  (Chu So Yeong)
Born:  January 25, 1981
Height/Weight:  173 cm (5' 8") / 54 kg (119 lbs)
School:  Kukmin University
TV dramas:  Pure in Heart (Shin-hyeong); Hello God! (Min-joo); Remember; More Beautiful Than A Flower;
School 2

CHOO SONG WOONG  (Chu Song Wung)
Born:  September 4, 1941
Died:  1985
Family:  married; had 1 son and 1 daughter (actress Choo Sang Mi)
School:  Chung Ang University

CHUN HO JIN  (Cheon Ho Jin)
Born:  September 9, 1960
School:  Inha University
TV dramas:  
Bluebird's House (Tae-soo);  Ugly Alert (Do-hee's dad);  Seo-young, My Daughter;  Two Weeks
(Chi-gook);  Good Doctor (Woo-suk);  Seoyoung, My Daughter (Sam-jae));  Dong Yi (Dong Yi's dad);  Smile,
Honey; Cheer up on Love (Sang-hoon); 90 Days of Love; Legends of Love (Young-hee's brother); Pure Heart
Vampire Cop Ricky (2006);  Once Upon a Time in High School
KBS Global 1/25/13 (Will Sam Jae & Seo Young be Able to Reconcile?)

CHUN JUNG MYUNG  (Cheon Jeong Myeong)
Born:  November 29, 1980
Height/Weight:  182 cm (6') / 71 kg (157 lbs)
School:  SangJi University
TV dramas:  Glory Jane (Kim Young-kwang);  Cinderella's Stepsister; What's Up, Fox? (Chul-soo); Goodbye
Solo (Min-ho); Fashion 70s (Bin); Beijing My Love (Wan-sung): Honest Living; School 2
He is also a model.
Korea JoongAng Daily 5/28/14 (Chung Jung-myung breaks up relationship);  Korea Herald 5/27/14
(Breach of privacy leads to Chun Jung-myung's breakup: report);  Korea JoongAng Daily 5/22/14 (Chun's
girlfriend 12 years his junior);  Korea Herald 2/7/14 ('Real Men' adds four new cast members);  Chosun Ilbo
10/11/13 (Today's Photo);  KBS Global 12/14/11 (Chun Jeong Myung Presents Good Acting in 'Glory Jane');  
KBS Global 12/5/11 (Chun Jeong Myung and Park Min Young Kiss in 'Glory Jane');  KBS Global 11/21/11
(Chun Jeong Myung Presents Cute Appearance in 'Glory Jane');  KBS Global 11/11/11 (Chun Jeong Myung and
Park Min Young Date in Fish Market in 'Glory Jane');  KBS Global 7/27/11 (Cheon Jeong Myung: 'I Am
Walking on Clouds');  KBS Global 3/29/10 (Cheon vs Taecyeon have Push-up Battle);  KBS Global 3/10/10
(Moon Geun-young Set to Show Maturity in New Drama)  

CLARA (Clara Lee)
Real name:  Lee Seong Min
Citizenship:  British
TV dramas:  
Emergency Couple (Ah Reum);  Goddess of Marriage (Cynthia; Baby Faced Beauty (Seul-ah)
Chosun Ilbo 7/16/15 (Actress cleared of Blackmail);  Korea Herald 7/15/15 (Prosecution clears Clara
of blackmailing, indicts Polaris chief);  Korea Times 7/15/15 (Ilgwang group chairman accused of threatening
Clara);  Korea JoongAng Daily 9/11/14 (Dong-jun, Clara to carry torch);  Korea Herald 8/14/14 (Clara's 'Secret
24');  Korea Herald 8/10/14 (Clara reveals sexy swim suit look);  Korea Herald 8/4/14 (Clara shares tips for a
sexy body line);  Korea Herald 7/17/14 (Actress Clara to transform into rapper);  Korea Herald 6/17/14 (Clara's
wedding shoot revealed);  Korea Herald 5/30/14 (Clara's summer photoshoots for Eight Seconds);  Korea
Herald 5/28/14 (Clara wears skimpy swimwear for commercial shoot);  Korea JoongAng Daily 3/26/14 (Clara
leaves her agency);  Korea Herald 1/21/14 (Clara to show her true self);  Korea Herald 1/13/14 (Is Clara turning
into a Korean sex symbol?);  Korea Herald (1/7/14 (Clara flaunts her curves);  Chosun Ilbo 11/2/13 (Today's
Photo);  Korea Times 9/23/13 (No more lies, Clara!);  Korea JoongAng Daily 9/17/13 (Actress Clara donates
photos to help the homeless);  Chosun Ilbo 9/13/13 (Clara Makes Generous Pledge to Breast Cancer Patients);  
Korea JoongAng Daily 9/12/13 (Clara uses Internet to quit Internet);  Korea Herald 9/11/13 (After series of
gaffes, Clara swears off SNS);  Korea JoongAng Daily 8/16/13 (Clara ranks baby-daddies)   
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