Photo Album of  Korean Stars
Jung E - Jung G
JUNG EUN JI  (Jeong Un Ji)
Born:  August 18, 1993
TV dramas:  
Trot Lovers (Choon-hee);  Answer Me 1997;  The Winter, The Wind Blows   

JUNG EUN KYUNG  (Jeong Un Kyeong)
Born:  August 11, 1980
Height/Weight:  165 cm (5' 5") / 44 kg (97 lbs)
School:  Seoul Art College
TV dramas:  Sweetheart (Soo-ji); Who's My Love (Cho-hee)  

Born:  March 27, 1966
Height:  165 cm (5' 5")
TV dramas:  
Fated to Love You (President Park);;  Angel Eyes;  God's Gift - 14 Days (Dong-chan's
brother);  Incarnation of Love (Jang-sik);
Time Slip Dr. Jin (Heo Gwang); Moon Embracing the Sun;
Sign;  Dong Yi;  Love & Law (Dae-pyo); Hong Gil-dong; Catching Up with Gangnam Moms (Tae-goo);
Loveholic (Young-kil); Immortal Yi Soon-shin; Jung Gil-san; Pado; Loving You-KBS (Hyong-geun);
Tender Hearts (Piljae); Happy Together

Born:  June 20, 1978
Height:  173 cm (5' 8")
TV dramas:  
Master's Sun (Jin-joo)

JUNG GYEO WOON  (Jeong Gyu/Kyu/Kyeo Wun)
Born:  August 31, 1983
Height:  184 cm (6')
TV dramas:  
Birth of a Beauty (Kang-joon);  God's Gift - 14 Days (Hyun-woo);  Wonderful Mama;  The
Horse Doctor;  History of the Salaryman;  Romance Town; Sign; Dr. Champ;  I Love You A Thousand
Times; Women in the Sun (Dong-woo); Happy Woman
Chosun Ilbo 4/7/14 (Today's Photo);  Korea JoongAng Daily 4/7/14 (Actor Jung Gyeo Woon
weds girlfriend);  Korea JoongAng Daily 10/31/13 (Jung Gyu-woon getting married);  Chosun Ilbo 4/12/13
(Today's Photo);  KBS Global 5/13/11 (Jung Gyu-woon Grabs Attention Amid Promising Start of
'Romance Town'); KBS Global 5/9/11 (Jeong Geo Woon in'Romance Town':  I Will Still Be ACtor Even
Though I Win Lottery'),  KBS Global 3/20/12 (Sung YooRi and Jeong Gyeo Woon Visit Japan to Promote
Romance Town'), Korea JoongAng Daily 3/20/12 ('Romance Town' actors help launch drama DVD in
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