Photo Album of  Korean Stars
Choi T - Choi Z
CHOI TAE JOON (Chae Tae Jun)
Born:  July 7, 1991
Height:  183 cm (6')
TV dramas:  Mother's Garden (Ki-joon);  Adolescence Medley (Yeok-ho);  Ugly Alert (Hyun-seok);  The Great
Seer (Bang-won);  The King of Dramas;  Padam, Padam
Movies:  Pacemaker (2012)  

CHOI WON YOUNG  (Chae Won Yeong)
Born:  January 10, 1976
Height:  183 cm (6')
TV dramas:  
Secret Door (Je-gong);  The Night Watchman's Journal (Hae-jong);  Three Days (Do-jin);   Heirs
((Chan-young's dad); While You Were Sleeping; Defintely Neighbors (Ki-hoon); The Great Queen Seondeok
Chosun Ilbo 3/1/14 (Today's Photo)

CHOI WOO HYUK  (Choe Wu Hyeok)
Born:  October 18, 1985 (this date was given in his Autumn Story profile, but one of his fans says his birthday is
on the 28th, not 18th.)
TV dramas:  Glass Slippers (teenage Jae-hyuk); Tender Hearts (Kyul); Autumn Story (teenage Joon-suh); Full of

CHOI YEO JIN (Choe Yuh Jin)
Height/Weight:  172 cm (5' 8") / 50 kg (103 lbs)
TV dramas:  
Emergency Couple (Ji-hye);  Incarnation of Money (Ji-hoo);  Dream High 2;  I Need Romance
(Seo-yeon);  More Charming by the Day;   Dream (Soo-jin); My Lady (Tae-hee); Bride from Vietnam
(Ji-young);  Capital Scandal;   Surgeon Bong (Ah-ra); Snow Queen;  Invisible Man Choi Jang-su (Hyun-soo);
Lawyers;  Hello My Teacher;   I'm Sorry, I Love You (Ji-young);  Honest Living; Love Without Obstacle
Korea Herald 7/10/14 (Choi Yeo-jin calls Han Hye-jin 'ugly');  Korea JoongAng Daily 7/3/13 (Choi
Yeo-jin poses for Instyle);  Chosun Ilbo 1/30/13 (Today's Photo);   Chosun Ilbo 7/20/12 (Choi Yeo-jin in Seventh
Heaven as 'Dancing with the Stars' Final Approaches);  Chosun Ilbo 4/30/12 (Today's Photo);  KBS Global
3/23/09 (Actress Choi Yeo-jin Thanks So Ji-sup)
She is also a model.

TV dramas:   Before & After (Soo-bong); Money War (Ju-hee's boss); Hello God; Oh! Pil-seung and Bong
Young-soon; Pearl Necklace (Sera's uncle); Man of  Autumn (Sang-Hoon); Hotelier (Leo); Stock Flower; Golden
Era (bank manager); She's the One (Director Kim);  Scent of an Apple (Mr. Hong)
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