Photo Album of  Korean TV Stars
Kim Youa - Kim Young I
KIM YOUNG AE  (Kim Yeong Ae)
Born April 21, 1951
Family:  married; has 2 sons.
Talent:  Calligraphy
TV dramas:  Royal Family;  Hwang Jini (Baekmu); Love Letter (Dr. Yim); Rival; Woman Why?; Tender
Hearts (Donguk's mother); More Than Love (twin's mother); Wedding Dress (Doo-na's mother); Power of
Love (Dong-hui's mom); Panther of Kilimanjaro; Hourglass; Did We Really Love? (Jae-ho's aunt)
TV sitcoms:  My Mother
Movies:  Aeja (2009)
Korea Times 8/27/09 (Actresses Shine Thru Tears in 'Aeja'); Korea Times 5/22/08 (Actress Kim
Seeks Damages From KBS)

KIM YOUNG CHAN  (Kim Yeong Chan)
Born:  November 27, 1994
TV dramas:  Fashion 70s (young Dong-young); Tell Me You Love Me (child Byung-soo); Romance in Paris;
Confession (Yun-su); Golden Wagon (Doo-ri); Gift (Min-ho); Kkokji; Emperor Wang Gun

KIM YOUNG CHUL  (Kim Yeong Cheol)
Born:  February 25, 1953
School:  Inchon Physical Education Unviersity
TV dramas:  
Beyond the Clouds (Tae-oh);  Sword & Flower (Young-ryu);  Innocent Man;   Life Is Beautiful
(Byung-tae); The Great King Sejong (Taejong); Seoul 1945 (Suk-kyung's dad); Rustic Period (Doo-Hwan);
Man in Crisis (Dong-ju); Wang Gun (Koong-ye)
Awards:  KBS Best Actor Award (2000)
Korea JoongAng Daily 3/13/12 (Two more hosts for "Go Show");  KBS Global 3/6/08 (Actor Kim
Young-chul to Narrate Documentary on the National Seal)

KIM YOUNG HO (Kim Yeong Ho)
Born:  May 24, 1967
School:  Chungju University (industrial engineering major)
TV dramas:  Empress Ki;  Salt Doll (Yeon-woo); My Love Toram (Sung-min); The Second Proposal
(Min-suk); Maeng; Fox & Cotton Candy (Young-ho); Pado
Movies:  Perfect Partner (2012);  Painter of the Wind (2008); Night and Day (2008)
Korea JoongAng Daily 7/6/15 (Choi, Kim star in 'Confession');  KBS Global 1/21/08 (Actress
Hwang's 'Night and Day' to Compete at Berlin)
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