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Choi K - Choi R
CHOI KANG HEE (Choe Gang Hui)
Born:  May 5, 1977
Height/Weight:  166 cm (5' 5") / 45 kg (99 lbs)
TV dramas:  Mina's Stationery Shop;  7th Grade Civil Servant;  My Sweet Seoul (Eun-soo); Thank You (Ji-min);
Faux Romeo and Faux Juliet/MBC Best Theatre; This Is Love (Young-ah); Maniac (Sung-yeon); Sunflower
(Eun-joo); Paper Crane (Eun-seo); Icing; School
Movies:  Aeja (2009); My Scary Girl (2006)
Korea JoongAng Daily 8/24/15 (MBC releases new drama cast);  KBS Global 9/25/13 (Actor Joo Won
Reveals Close Friendship with Choi Kang-hee);  Chosun Ilbo 5/18/13 (Acting serves as Window to 'Normal' Life for
Choi Kang-hee);  Korea JoongAng Daily 5/10/13 (Choi talks "Mina" at press screening);  Korea JoongAng Daily
4/23/13 (choi Kang-hee plays good daughter in 'Mina's Stationery shop');  Chosun Ilbo 1/22/13 (Today's Photo);  
Chosun Ilbo 7/28/11 (Today's Photo);  KBS Global 12/3/10 (Choi Kang Hee: 'I Want to Become a Blank Slate');   
KBS Global 4/7/10 (Choi Loyally Watches Jo Kwon's Programs);  Chosun Ilbo 5/21/10 (Choi Kang-hee Picked to
Promote World Environment Day);  Yonhap News 9/29/09 (Actress dishes out simple but intriguing thoughts in
first book); Korea Times 8/27/09 (Actresses Shine Thru Tears in 'Aeja;); Chosun Ilbo 11/14/08 (Celebrity Stand
Collapses at Audi Launch); KBS Global 1/23/08 (Celebrities Applauded for their Love of Local Small-Sized Cars);
KBS Global 1/10/08 (Choi Kang-hee to Fill In as Radio DJ); KBS Global 10/23/07 (Choi Gang-hee Donates Bone
Marrow); Korea Times 10/23/07 (Actress Choi Kang-hee Donates Bone-Marrow)

CHOI MIN SIK  (Choe Min Shik)
Movies:  Roaring Currents (2014);  Old Boy (2003)
Korea Herald 8/12/14 (Choi Min-sik's 'Lucy' tops worldwide box offices);  Korea Times 8/3/14 (Choi
Min-sik sweeping box office in Korea, US);  Korea Herald 7/28/14 (Choi MIn-sik kicks butt in Hollywood film
'Lucy');  Korea Times 6/30/14 (Joseon's war hero back on screen);  Korea Herald 6/19/14 (Choi Min-sik, Ryu
Seung-ryong pose for 'Roaring Currents');  Korea JoongAng Daily 4/4/14 (Trailer out for Choi Min-sik's latest);  
Chosun Ilbo 9/9/13 ('Oldboy' Choi Min-sik Signs on for Luc Besson's Latest Flick);  Korea JoongAng Daily 1/30/12
(Actor Choi Min-sik reveals that he nearly died in grade three)

CHOI MIN SOO  (Choe Min Su)
Born:  May 1, 1962
Family:  married to June Elizabeth Kang and has 2 sons
Height/Weight:  180 cm (5' 11")/ 74 kg (163 lbs)
School:  Seoul Institute of the Arts
TV dramas:  Sword & Flower (So-moon);  Ode to the Han River (Shin Ryul); Legends of Love (Min-suk);
Movies:  He has made many movies.
Korea JoongAng Daily 8/21/15 (Actor to remain on show after assault);  Korea Times 8/20/15 (Actor Choi
Min-soo embroiled in violence scandal);  Korea JoongAng Daily 5/22/14 (Choi Min-soo in a new movie);  Korea
Herald 12/25/09 (Choi Min-soo returns to small screen); Korea Times 12/2/09 (Actor Choi Min-su's Family
Overcomes Flu); Korea Times 10/12/09 (Kang Makes Smooth Transition); Korea Times 5/6/09 (Choi Min-soo Cast
for Hallywood Movie); Korea Times 10/30/08 (Actor Choi Ordered to Compensate Production Firm); Korea Times
4/25/08 (Assault Allegations Cloud Actor Choi's Hollywood Dream); Korea Times 3/18/08 (Choi Min-soo to Co-Star
With De Niro)
Shopping:    YesAsia    

CHOI MIN YONG (Choe Min Yong)
Born:  April 20, 1977
Height/Weight:  186 cm (6' 1") / 73 kg (161 lbs)
TV dramas:  Stock Flower (Woo-hyuk)
TV sitcoms:  Nonstop 3  

CHOI PHILLIP  (Choe Phillip)
Real name:  Choi Pil Soon
Born:  August 18, 1979
School:  SungKyunKwan University
TV dramas:  Heaven's Orders;  Cannot Hate You (Hyun-soo); Old Seoul Scandal; Soulmate; Young-jae
Korea JoongAng Daily 6/27/13 (Choi Phillip rages on Twitter)

CHOI RAN  (Choe Lan)
Born:  November 30, 1960
Family:  married Lee Choong Hee on June 10, 1984.  They have 3 children.
School:  Joong Ahn University (undergraduate & graduate school); Seokang University (graduate school)   
TV dramas:   Don't Hesitate (Mi-soon); Swallow the Sun (In-sook); Chil-woo, the Mighty (Joo-daek); Hong
Gil-dong (Sang-koong); In Search of Son (Soon-young's mom); Air City; A Farewell to Tears (Sun-ok); Sassy Girl
Chunhyang (Mong-ryong's mom); The Second Proposal (Myung-ok); Pearl Necklace (In-sook's sister); All In
(Manager Kim); Into the Sun (Jae-hyun's' mom); This Is Love (Byung-ok); Kitchen Maid (Duk-jae's mom); Friends
(Ki-hoon's aunt in Hong Kong); Sunhee and Jinhee (Keum-soon); Pretty Lady (Manager Choi); Mr. Duke; Cinderella
(Jin-hee); Barefoot Days; Medical Brothers
Awards:  KBS Best Supporting Actress (2001)

CHOI RYUNG  (Choe Ryeong)
Born:  March 31, 1975 according to EPG or March 31, 1977 according to Yahoo
Height/Weight:  182 cm (6') / 72 kg (159 lbs)
TV dramas:  Aquarius (Min-ho)
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