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CHA HWA YEON  (Cha Hwa Yun)
Born:  December 27, 1960
Height/Weight:  160 cm (5' 3") / 48 kg (105 lbs)
TV dramas:  It's Ok, This is Love (Jae-yeol's mom);  Make a Wish (Hye-ran);  
Big Man (Yoon-jung);  
King's Daughter:  Soo Baek Hyang (Do-rim);  Will You Love and Give It Away?  (Soon-ae);  Spineflower
(Hyuk-min's mom);  Queen of Ambition (Ji-mi);  Hundred Year Inheritance (Sul-joo);  I Miss You
(Hyun-joo); Five Fingers (Gye-hwa);  Gentleman's Dignity (Yi-soo's mom);  Wedding Scheme (Doo-ryun);  
Man From the Equator (Hee-jung);  Come, Come, Absolutely Come (Mi-ok);  Thousand Kisses (Ji-sun);  
Protect the Boss (Moo-won's mom);  Thorn Birds (Myung-ja);  My Princess;  I Am Legend; Jejungwon;
Protect the Boss;  Secret Garden;  City Hall
Movies:  Never Ending Story (2012); Sunday Punch (2011);  White Night (2009); A Cicada Sings in the
City (1985);  Evening Clothes (1982)

CHA HYUN WOO  (Cha Hyeon U)
Real name:  Kim Young Hoon
Born:  January 30, 1980
Family:  father is actor Kim Yong Gun.  Older brother is actor Ha Jung Woo.
Height/Weight:  181 cm (5' 11") / 72 kg (159 lbs)
TV dramas:  The Great Seer;  Road No. 1;  Hometown Legends
Movies:  577 Project (2012);  The Neighbors (2012);  Perfect Game (2011)
Korea JoongAng Daily 7/12/14 (Actors confirm they're in love);  Korea Herald 7/11/14 (Actor Cha
confirmed dating actress Hwang)

Born:  October 14, 1967
Family:  married to actress Shin Ae Ra and they have 1 son and 2 daughters.
Height/Weight:  180 cm (5' 11") / 82 kg (181 lbs.)
School:  Rutgers University  (Economics major)
TV dramas:  Endless Love;  Dae Mul (Tae-san);  Great Family (Kuk-sun); If Heaven Pities (a Chinese
drama); White Tower (Min-kook); Hong Kong Express (Hyuk-yuk); Age of Heroes (Tae-san); Perfect
Love; Her House (Tae-ju); Fireworks (Jong-hyuk); The Golden Era (Kwang-chul); A Wish Upon A Star
Movies:  Crossing (2008); Hanbundo (2006); Mokpo; Iron Palm (2002); Dr. K (1998); Zzang (1998);
Albatross (1996)
Korea JoongAng Daily 4/24/14 (Star couple mourns for Sewol victims);  Korea JoongAng Daily
3/28/14 (Cha In-pyo to join SBS Drama, maybe);   KBS Global 6/13/12 (Chae-hw & Se-ju, 'Very Sweet
Couple' Like a Newly Married Couple!); Korea JoongAng Daily (K-pop stars urge listeners to 'Cry With
Us');  KBS Global 2/27/12 (Actor Cha In-pyo Annoyed by Parody of His Acting of Anger);  Korea
JoongAng Daily 2/22/12 (Cha In-pyo to stage rally for North Korean defectors);  KBS Global 2/13/12 (Cha
In Pyo Peeps at Fairy in 'I Need A Fairy');  Korea Herald 6/20/11 (Actor Cha In-pyo publishes second
novel);  KBS Global 5/23/11 (Cha In Pyo and Shin Ae Ra to Appear in  'We Are Family');  Chosun Ilbo
4/21/10 (Celebrity Couple Honored for Charity Work);   KBS Global 12/28/09 (Press Conference Held for
Drama "Great Family" Starring Cha In-pyo); KBS World 4/22/09 (Book-Writing Fever Sweeps the Nation);
JoongAng Daily 3/27/09 (Tragic topic for actor's 1st book); Chosun Ilbo 3/19/09 (Actor Cha In-pyo to
Release Debut Novel); KBS Global 1/27/09 (Actor Cha In-pyo, Who 'Fathered' 34 Children); Chosun Ilbo
11/21/08 (Celebrity Couple to Receive Philanthropy Award); Yonhap News 3/18/08 (Film on tragedy of
N.K. defectors to be released); KBS Global 1/29/08 (Cha In-pyo, Shin Ae-ra Adopt Another Child);  Korea
Times 1/29/08 (Celebrity Couple Adopts Another Girl); JoongAng Daily 8/8/07; KBS Global 7/5/07;
JoongAng Daily 6/6/07; Chosun Ilbo 7/10/06; KBS Global 12/23/05; KBS Global 4/15/05;  Dong-A Ilbo
9/30/04;   Joong Ang Ilbo 5/3/02; 7/1/01
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Real name:  Cha Woong Ki
Born:  April 23, 2002
TV dramas:  Definitely Neighbors (Joon-seo); Jejungwon; Green Carriage (Jung-won); Yi San

CHA KWANG SOO  (Cha Gwang Su)
Born:  February 15, 1966
TV dramas:  Empress Ki;  The Musical;  Pure Pumpkin Flower;  Jumong (Je-sa); 5th Republic;  Huh Joon;  
Forever Yours

Born:  June 7, 1970
Height/Weight:  188 cm (6' 2") / 80 kg (176 lbs)
TV dramas:  
You Are All Surrounded (Pan-seok);  Athena; City Hall (Kook); Bodyguard (Kyung-tak);
Angel's Kiss (Tae-ju)  
Movies:  High Heel (2014);  South of the Border (2006); 48 Hours Live Broadcast (2005); Tears of Blood
(2005); Teacher, Mr. Kim; Project X; Jail Breakers; Break Out; The Travel of Ghost; Kick the Moon   
Awards:  KBS Best Actor, Gold (2003); KBS Most Popular Actor (2003)
Korea JoongAng Daily 3/26//15 (Cha Seung-won has to act hungry for power);  Korea Herald
10/8/14 (Cha Seung-won cleared of libel charges);  Korea JoongAng Daily 10/7/14 (Cha Seung-won is sued
by wife's ex);  Korea Herald 5/29/14 (Still cuts show Cha Seung-won garnered as a woman in 'High Heel
(2014)');  Korea JoongAng Daily 4/18/14 ('King of rom-com' abandons image);  Korea JoongAng Daily
2/13/14 ('Under Seige' could have its stars);  Korea JoongAng Daily 1/8/14 (All dramas want to sign Cha);  
Korea JoongAng Daily 1/1/14 (Prosecutors drop sexual assault charges against Cha Seung-won's son);  
Korea JoongAng Daily 9/10/13 (Accuser says 'no deal' to actor's son);  Korea JoongAng Daily 8/6/13 (Cha
Seung-won contnues acting despite scandal);  Korea JoongAng Daily 8/5/13 (Actor apologizes for son);  
Korea JoongAng Daily 3/26/13 (Cha Seung-won says he sometimes feels 'foolish');  Korea JoongAng Daily
3/7/13 (Cha Seung-won to return to theaters in 'High Heels');  Korea JoongAng Daily 11/6/12 (Cha
Seung-won stars in Tokyo play);  Korea JoongAng Daily 7/11/12 (Cha Seung-won to give acting lecture);  
Korea Times 1/4/12 (Cha Seung-won, Soo-Ae to have concerts in Japan);  KBS Global 12/27/10 (Actor Cha
Seung-won was voted to be the most attractive middle-aged pretty boy (aka flower boy));  KBS Global
6/18/10 (Lee Picks Cha as Actor Role Model);   Chosun Ilbo 8/2/05; Dong-A Ilbo 4/13/05
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CHA SUH WON  (Cha Seo Won)
Born:  1983 (according to Yahoo Korea) vs. May 1982 (according to EPG)
Height/Weight:  170 cm (5' 7-1/2") / 48 kg (106 lbs)
School:  Honam University
TV dramas:  That Woman's Choice (Joo-ri); To Marry a Millionaire; Her House

CHA TAE HYUN  (Cha Tae Hyeon)
Born:   March 25, 1976
Height/Weight:  174 cm (5' 8-1/2") / 66 kg (146 lbs)
TV dramas:  Jeon Woo Chi;  Flowers for My Life (Ho-sang); Prince's First Love (Gun-hee); Juliet's Man
(Bo-di); Sunflower (Jae-bong); Into the Sunlight (In-ha); Loving You (Young-jae); A Sunny Place of the
Young; First Love (Ki-hwan)
Movies:  Slow Video (2014);  Miracle of a Giving Fool (2008); Highway Star (2007); My Girl & I (2005);
Sad Movie (2005); Lover's Concerto (2002); Crazy First Love; My Sassy Girl (2001); Hallelujah (1997)      
Awards:  Blue Dragon Best New Actor Award (2001)
Korea Times 5/11/15 (Kim Soo-hyun returns in 'Producers');  Korea JoongAng Daily 9/30/14
('Sassy Girl' actor tries out new role);  Korea JoongAng Daily 12/12/13 (It's a baby girl for actor Cha
Tae-hyun);  KBS Global 12/14/12 (Cha Tae Hyun's 30 Different Superhero Expressions);  KBS Global
12/13/12 (Cha Tae Hyun and Uee Show Off Affectionate Side on Set);  KBS Global 12/6/12 (Cha Tae-hyun
Struggles Ropes with Iron Chains for Ten Hours);  KBS Global 11/30/12 (Cha Tae Hyun Proves Popularity
On Set through Picture);  KBS Global 11/28/12 (Cha Tae-hyun Performs Realistically in Two-meter Deep
Ditch);  Korea JoongAng Daily 11/28/12 (Cha Tae-hyun treats staff to gifts);  Korea JoongAng Daily
7/26/12 (Cha Tae-hyun says he only had one girlfriend);  Korea JoongAng Daily 3/7/12 (Cha Tae-hyun
donates to infant safety movement);  KBS Global 3/7/12 (Cha Tae-hyeon's Back Washing Records Instant
Viewer Ratings of 31.1 Percent);   Chosun Ilbo 10/14/09 (Kim Yu-na, Cha Tae-hyun Named Top Celebrities
for Advertisers); Korea Times 1/29/08 (Cha, Ha To Bring Tears, Laughter); KBS Global 2/28/06
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CHA YE RYEON  (Cha Ye Ryun)
Real name:  Park Hyun Ho
Born:  July 16, 1985
TV dramas:  
My Lovable Girl (Hae-yoon);  Golden Rainbow (Cheon Won);  Royal Family;  Dr. Champ;  
Star Lover (Eun-young); Working Mom (Eun-ji); Cruel Love (Shin-young);
Invincible Lee Pyung Kang
Movies:  The Actress Is Too Much (2014)
Korea JoongAng Daily 2/17/14 (Cha Ye-ryun's new film is sexy);  Korea JoongAng Daily 6/27/13
("Royal Family" star in photoshoot for men's magazine);  Korea JoongAng Daily 5/3/12 (Cha Ye-ryun denies
dating pro golfer);  Chosun Ilbo 11/4/11 (Today's Photo)
Cha In Pyo
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