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Park Yu - Pz
PARK YU CHUN  (Pak Yoo Cheon)
Also known as Micky.
Citizenship:  American
TV dramas:  
Three Days (Tae-kyung);  I Miss You (Jung-woo);  Rooftop Prince;  Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Korea JoongAng Daily 7/24/15 (JYJ's Park preps for military duty);  Korea JoongAng Daily 6/2/15
(JYJ's Park to enlist in Army in August);  Korea JoongAng Daily 5/23/15 (Park Yoo-chun to meet fans);  
Korea JoongAng Daily 9/18/14 (Fan club opens Park Yoo Chun Library);  Korea Herald 9/16/14 (Yoochun's
fans open library for children);  Korea Herald 8/17/14 ('I no longer hate TVXQ': JYJ's Yoochun);  Korea Herald
8/3/14 (Yoochun wants to spend his lifetime with JYJ members);  Korea Herald 7/30/14 (Yoochun says 'the
new album is like a gift');  Korea Herald 7/29/14 (JYJ's Park Yoo-chun talks about love-making scene in 'Sea
Fog');  Korea Herald 7/16/14 (JYJ Park Yoo-chun gives hug to fans);  Korea JoongAng Daily 6/30/14 (JYJ's
Park met Chinese fans);  Korea JoongAng Daily 6/25/14 (Park appears on Chinese TV);  Korea Herald 6/19/14
(Park Yoo-chun loves soju);  Korea JoongAng Daily 5/27/14 (Park Yu-chun narrates documentary);  Korea
JoongAng Daily 3/18/14 (Yu-chun blackmailer arrested);  Korea JoongAng Daily 3/5/14 (Yu-chun joins thriller
'3 Days');  Chosun Ilbo 2/27/14 (Today's Photo);  Korea Herald 2/26/14 (Park Yu-chun tackles high-stakes
thriller);  Korea JoongAng Daily 12/21/13 (Drama fixes date, keeps star);  Korea JoongAng Daily 11/5/13 (Park
Yu-chun set to tackle drama role);  Korea JoongAng Daily 10/24/13 (JYJ star denies he's dating golfer);  
Chosun Ilbo 6/28/13 (Today's Photo);  Korea JoongAng Daily 2/26/13 (JYJ's Park Yu-chun invited to appear
on Chinese TV);  KBS Global 2/18/13 (Park Yoo-chun Appears in Chinese Hunan TV Lantern Festival);  Korea
JoongAng Daily 2/18/13 (Park Yu-chun a hot item in China);   Korea JoongAng Daily 1/18/13 ('I Miss You'
stars dig deep for staff members);  Korea JoongAng Daily 3/15/12 (Park Yu-chun's father passes away before
band returns from tour);   Korea JoongAng Daily 12/21/12 (Park Yu-chun donates voice to stop blindness);
Korea JoongAng Daily 12/15/12 (Park Yu-chun has big China following);  Korea JoongAng Daily 11/8/12
(Park Yu-chun stars in knitting video);  Korea JoongAng Daily 11/7/12 (Park Yu-chun's fans show generous
spirit);  Korea JoongAng Daily 10/10/12 (Yoon Eun-hye to play Park Yu-chun's love interest);  Korea
JoongAng Daily 9/27/12 (Park Yu-chun takes on another drama);  Korea JoongAng Daily 8/29/12 (Park
Yu-chun picked as favorite actor);  Korea JoongAng Daily 6/8/12 (TVXQ to JYJ, K-pop to K-drama, Park
Yu-chun does it all);  Chosun Ilbo 6/6/12 (JYJ's Park Proves Himself a Prince of Primetime Soaps);  Korea
JoongAng Daily 5/4/12 (Park Yu-chun to be a public service worker instead of being in the Army);  Korea
JoongAng Daily 5/3/12 (Car accident injures Park Yu-chun);  KBS Global 4/3/12 (Park Yoo Chun Holds Fan
Meeting with Japanese Fans);  Korea JoongAng Daily 4/3/12 (Park Yu-chun of JYJ meets Japanese fans at
Yonsei University);  Korea JoongAng Daily 3/20/12 (Park Yu-chun returns to work after mourning father's
death);  Korea JoongAng Daily 3/16/12 (Park Yu-chun consoled by celebrity friends);  Korea JoongAng Daily
2/11/12 (Yoochun denies he is topless celeb);  KBS Global 8/26/11 (Park Yoo Chun and Moon Geun Young
Rank Atop Popularity Vote for 'Seoul Drama Awards');   KBS Global 11/9/10 (Park Yoo Chun: 'Acting Is
Really Enjoyable');  Korea Times 8/22/10 (Mickys challenge: from idol to actor)
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