Photo Album of  Korean Stars
Lee Sd - Lee Set
LEE SE CHANG (Yi Sae Chang)
Born:  February 17, 1970
Family:  divorced from actress Kim Ji Yeon
School:  Kookmin University
TV dramas:   Here Comes Ajumma (Jae-kwang); Lover (Jin-soo); Romance in Paris (Jung-hak); Ruler of Your
Own World (Kang)
Korea JoongAng Daily 2/25/13 (Model couple divorces after 10 years)

LEE SE EUN (Yi Sae Un)
Born:  August 31, 1980
Height/Weight:  165 cm (5' 5") / 45 kg (99 lbs)
School:  Sejong University
TV dramas:   Sky High (Yu-ri); Be Strong, Geum-soon (Eun-joo); Dae Jang-geum; Bodyguard

LEE SE YOUNG  (Yi Sae Yeong)
Born:  December 20, 1992
TV dramas:  
Trot Lovers (Soo);  Bachelor's Vegetable Store;   Dae Jang-geum (child Keum-young); Beijing My
Love (Nara); Country Princess (child Eun-hee); Kitchen Maid (child Soon-sil); Gift (Da-hee)
Movies:  Lovely Rivals (2004); When I Turned Nine; Sweet Sixties
Awards:  KBS Best Child Actress (2005)
Korea Herald 11/16/04
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