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Choi Jin - Choi Jiz
Real name:  Kim Tae Ho
Born:  February 9, 1986
Height/Weight:  186 cm (6' 1") / 75 kg (165 lbs)
School:  KyungMoon University
TV dramas:  
Fated to Love You (Daniel);  Emergency Couple (Chang-min);  Heirs (Won);  Tone-Deaf
Clinic;  My Daughter Flower (Sang-hyuk);  
I Need Romance (Sung-hyun)
Korea JoongAng Daily 1/7/13 (Former co-stars split after 6 months);  Korea JoongAng Daily
6/22/12 (Choi Jin-hyk confesses his relationship with Son Eun-seo)

CHOI JIN SIL (Choe/Chae Jin Shil)
Born:   December 24, 1968
Died:  Oct. 2, 2008
Height/Weight:  163 cm (5' 4") / 46 kg (101 lbs)
TV dramas:  Last Scandal (Sun-hee); Bad Woman, Good Woman (Se-young); Rosy Life (Soonie); War
of the Roses (Mi-young); Since We Met (Ok-hwa); Memories (In-young); A Wish Upon A Star
Yun-hee); You and I (Soo-kyung); Roses & Beansprouts  
Movies:   The Legend of Ginko (2000); Mayonnaise (1999); The Letter (1997); Baby Sale (1997);
Holiday in Seoul (1997); Ghost Mama (1966); Who Drives Me Mad (1995); Mom Gets a Lover (1995);
How To Top My Wife (1994); I Wish for What is Forbidden to Me (1994); Woman for Love, Woman
for Marriage (1993); Mr. Mamma (1992); A Room in the Woods (1992); Susan Brink's Arirang (1991);
Well, It's a Secret 2 (1991); My Love, My Bride (1990); KokchiTtan (1990); North Korea's Southern
Army (1990)
Awards:  KBS Best Actress (2005)
Korea JoongAng Daily 10/3/15 (Choi Jin-sil memorial held);  Chosun Ilbo 1/7/13 (Ex-husband
of Suicide Actress Found Dead);  Korea JoongAng Daily 1/7/13 (Other half of former top celebrity
couple ends life);  Korea Times 1/6/13 (Choi Jin-sil tragedy relived);  Chosun Ilbo 7/13/11 (Suicide
Actress Buried on Illegal Land);  Chosun Ilbo 8/27/09 (Suspect 'Told to Steal Ashes by Choi Jin-sil's
Spirit'); JoongAng Daily 8/26/09 (Hoaxer nabbed for demanding cash for Choi's urn); Yonhap News
8/26/09 (Police nab suspect in thef of late actress' ashes); Chosun Ilbo 8/21/09 (Thief of Choi Jin-sil's
Ashes Caught on CCTV); Dong-a Ilbo 8/21/09 (Footage Shows Thief Who Stole Top Actress's Ashes);
Korea Herald 8/18/09 (Choi Jin-shil selected as best newsmaker); Chosun Ilbo 8/17/09 (Police Hunt
Thief of Actress Choi Jon-sil's Ashes); KBS World 8/17/09 (Actress Choi's Ashes Stolen); Yonhap
News 8/15/09 (Late actress' burial urn found missing:  police); Korea Times 6/11/09 (Women's Groups
Up in Arms Over Ruling on Late Actress); Chosun Ilbo 6/5/09 (Actress' Heirs to Compensate Advertiser
for 'Disgrace'); Chosun Ilbo 4/24/09 (Fans Continue to Flock to Choi Jin-sil's Gravesite); Yonhap News
4/23/09 (Two indicted for spreading rumors about late actress); Chosun Ilbo 1/7/09 (Choi Jin-sil's
Brother Speaks Out); JoongAng Daily 12/10/08 (Custody questions settled for kids of the late actress
Choi Jin-sil); Korea Times 12/8/08 (Cho Sung-min Gives Up Control of Ex-Wife's Property); Korea
Times 10/29/08 (Legal Battle Expected on Late Actress' Fortune); Newsweek 10/15/08 (When Words
Kill:  Suicide spurs bid to regulate the net in South Korea); Korea Times 10/23/08 (Actress Choi's Last
Conversation Disclosed); Yonhap News 10/4/08 (Funeral service held for actress Choi Jin-sil);
JoongAng Daily 10/4/08 (Look after my kids':  Choi JIn-sil); JoongAng Daily 10/3/08 (Celebrities driven
over the edge by online rumors); Korea Times 10/2/08 (Grass Is Not Always Greener for TV Celebs);  
JoongAng Daily 10/3/08 (Leading actress's suicide shocks nation); Yonhap News 10/3/08 (Actress
committed suicide on momentary impulse:  police); Dong-A Ilbo 10/3/08 (Autopsy Scheduled for
Actress Choi); Dong-A Ilbo 10/3/08 (Police:  Malicious Rumors Drove Actress to Suicide); JoongAng
Daily 10/3/08 (Real life tragedies outweigh on-screen success); Korea Times 10/2/08 (From Ad Star to
Celeb-Mom); Korea Times 10/2/08 (Actress Choi Found Dead in Apparent Suicide); Yonhap News
10/2/08 (Star actress Choi Jin-sil found dead at home in apparent suicide); Chosun Ilbo 10/2/08 (Popular
Actress Choi Jin-sil Found Dead); KBS Global 10/2/08 ('90s TV Icon Discovered Dead in Her
Apartment); Korea Times 10/2/08 (Top Actress Choi Found Dead at Home); Yonhap News 3/2/08
(Mothers flood courts to change children's names); Korea Times 12/18/06; KBS Global 3/24/06; Korea
Times 8/3/05; Korea Times 7/18/05; KOCCA 1/26/04;
She divorced baseball player Jo Sung Min, with who she had 2 children.  Her brother is actor Choi Jin

CHOI JIN YOUNG  (Chae Jin Yeong)
Born:  February 27, 1971
Died:  March 29, 2010
Family:  his sister is the late Choi Jin Sil.
School:  Hanyang University
TV dramas:  Love Okay (Suk-hoon)
Chosun Ilbo 7/13/11 (Suicide Actress Buried on Illegal Land);  KBS Global 3/31/10 (Late Choi
Jin Young Planned to Be Singer and Actor);  Korea Times 3/31/10 (Choi Jin-young Laid to Rest);  
Chosun Ilbo 3/30/10 (Star Choi Jin-young Commits Suicide);  JoongAng Daily 3/30/10 (Choi Jin-sil's
kin found dead from a possible suicide);  KBS Global 3/30/10 (Choi Jin-young Commits Suicide);  
Yonhap News 3/29/10 (Brother of late actress Choi Jin-sil found dead);  Korea Herald 3/29/10 (Actress
Choi Jin-sil's brother found dead); Korea Times 3/29/10 (Choi Jin-young Dead in Apparent Suicide
Monday);  JoongAng Daily 3/29/10 (Brother of late actress Choi Jin-sil commits suicide);  Chosun Ilbo
1/7/09 (Choi Jin-sil's Brother Speaks Out)
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