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Go A - Go H
GO AH RA  (Ko/Koh A Ra)
Born:  February 11, 1990
Height/Weight:  169 cm (5' 7") / 46 kg (101 lbs)
TV dramas:  
You Are All Surrounded (Soo-sun);  Respond 1994;  Who Are You (Young-in); Snow Flower
Movies:  Papa (2012);  Pacemaker (2012);  Blue Wolf (a Japanese-Mongolian movie, 2007)
Awards:  SBS New Star Award (2006)
Korea JoongAng Daily 4/4/15 (Siwan, Go to star in new film);  Korea JoongAng Daily 4/3/15 (Go
comes of age in latest role);   Korea Herald 8/27/14 (Go Ara boosts elegance in fashion shoot);  Korea Herald
8/13/14 (Go Ara's femme fatale fall makeup);  Korea Herald 5/29/14 (Go Ara dances awkwardly for Lee
Seung-ki);  Korea JoongAng Daily 3/31/14 (Go Ara's second series set for late April);  Korea JoongAng Daily
1/9/14 (Go A-ra happy to reveal true side);  Korea JoongAng Daily 12/2/13 (Go A-ra marks 10-year career);  
Chosun Ilbo 11/23/13 (Go A-ra Escapes Baby Doll Image in New TV Drama);  Chosun Ilbo 7/12/13 (Go-A-ra
Steps Up Charitable Endeavors to Help Kids);  Korea JoongAng Daily 11/23/12 (SM Entertainment denies
Yunho and Go Ara);  Chosun Ilbo 1/28/12 (Actress Go A-ra Hopes to Inspire Viewers to Chase Dreams);  
KBS Global 1/20/12 (Ko Ah Ra: 'Life Is Series of Challenges');  Korea JoongAng Daily 1/9/12 (Actress Go Ara
releases song for 'Papa');  Chosun Ilbo 12/21/11 (Today's Photo);  KBS Global 6/30/11 (Go Ara To Film
"Papa" in U.S.);  Korea Times 3/27/07; KBS Globa 3/26/07; KBS Global 3/22/07; KBS Global 10/30/06

GO AH SUNG  (Ko/Koh A Seong)
School:  Sungkyunkwan University (psychology major)
TV dramas:  Beating Heart (Bo-mi)
Movies:  Office (2015);  Elegant Lies (2014);  Snowpiercer (2013);  The Host (2006)
Korea JoongAng Daily 9/10/15 (Actress takes on the role of office worker);  Chosun Ilbo 5/14/15 (Ko
Ah-sung to Attend World Premiere of Her Latest Film at Cannes);  Korea JoongAng Daily 10/28/14 (Ko
Ah-sung makes way to Hollywood);  Chosun Ilbo 3/29/14 (Ko Ah-sung Keeps Star Status and Studies
Separate);  Korea JoongAng Daily 2/19/14 (An elegant gathering);  Korea JoongAng Daily 7/24/13 (press
gather to take in 'Snowpiercer' hype);  JoongAng Daily 4/22/10 (Stars play new roles in other media);  
JoongAng Daily 9/26/06

GO DOO SHIM  (Ko/Koh Du Sim)
Born:  May 22, 1955 or May 26, 1951 (different dates given on various websites)
TV dramas:  
Virtual Bride (Choon-ja);  Marry Him If You Dare (Mi-ran);  You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin;  If
Tomorrow Comes;  Swallow the Sun (Mi-yeon's mom); Chunja's Special Day (Chunja);  The Great
Merchant;  Aster (Young-ok); A Happy Woman (Ji-yeon's mom); Seoul 1945 (Hae-kyung's mom); Ode to the
Han River (Young-hee); More Beautiful Than A Flower (Young-ja); Sweetheart (Soo-hee's mom); Fox &
Cotton Candy (Gang-chul's mother); In the Corner; Legend (Jae-sook); The Law of Marriage (Yong-soon);
Picnic; Mothers & Sisters (Kyong-bin's mother); Love & Success (Myong-ji's mother); Should My Tears
Show (In-ok)
Movies:   Good Morning President (2009); Birth of a Family (2006); Long & Winding Road (2005); My
Mother, the Mermaid (2004); Saving My Hubby (2002); A Woman Who Doesn't Divorce (1992); What Makes
My Wife Sad (1992); Madame Liberal (1990); Heat of a Season (1987); Two Women (1980); A Barmaid
KBS Global 2/28/13 (Go Dooshim & IU, Perfect Mother/Daughter Pair);   KBS Global 7/23/10
(Actress:  Motherly Drama Image a Burden);  Korea Times 9/22/09 (Actor Jang Dong-kun Returns as
'President'); Korea Times 3/11/07; Korea Times 2/21/07; Korea Times 10/3/05; Korea Times 5/6/05; Dong-A
Ilbo 4/28/05; KBS Global 1/25/05
Shopping:    YesAsia    

GO EUN AH  (Ko/Koh Eun A)
Real name: Bang Hyo Jin
Born:  October 28, 1988
Height/Weight:  171 cm (5' 7") / 48 kg (106 lbs)
TV dramas:  Golden Apple (Keum-sil)
Movies:  Sunday Seoul (2005)
Korea Herald 5/29/14 (Go Eun-ah boasts sexy look);  Korea JoongAng Daily 3/5/13 (Ko Eun-a
refuels Kim Jang-hoon rumor)

GO HO KYUNG  (Ko/Koh Ho Kyeong)  
Born:  April 13, 1980  
School:  Seoul Art College
TV dramas:  Lovers; In the Corner (Min-young); School 2  

GO HYUN JUNG (Ko/Koh Hyeon Jeong)
Born:  March 2, 1971
Family:  divorced; 1 son & 1 daughter
Height/Weight:  172 cm / 50 kg
School:  Dongkuk University
TV dramas:  Dae Mul (Hye-rim); The Great Queen Seondeok (Misil); HIT (Soo-kyung); What's Up Fox?;
Spring Days (Jung-eun); Sandglass (Hye-rin)
Movies:  The Actresses (2009);  
Woman on the Beach (2006)
Chosun Ilbo 10/2/14 (Ko Hyun-jung Launches Own Fashion Brand);  Chosun Ilbo 3/4/14 (Ko
Hyun-jung to Teach Acting at Dongguk University);  Korea JoongAng Daily 7/25/13 (Celebrities pay their
respect to Kim Jong-hak);  Korea Times 4/14/13 (Ko Hyun-jung to star in new drama);  Korea JoongAng Daily
4/13/13 (Go Hyun-jung to play role of teacher);  Korea Herald 4/12/13 (Actress Go Hyun-jung casted in
"Queen's Classroom");'  Korea JoongAng Daily 1/11/13 (Ko Hyun-jung to make drama comeback);  Korea
JoongAng Daily 6/15/12 (Hyunjung Go, "Under the world scene was scary");  JoongAng Daily 11/2/11
(Trainer reveals how Ko lost weight);  Chosun Ilbo 4/30/11 (Today's Photo);  JoongAng Daily 4/27/11
(Actress' skin care secret:  Don't fret);  Chosun Ilbo 1/1/11 (Today's Photo);   JoongAng Daily 11/4/10
(Resilient actress relishes dramatic return);  KBS Global 8/26/10 (Drama Tackles 'Presidency');  Chosun Ilbo
6/14/10 (Today's Photo);  KBS Global 2/11/10 (Go Hyun-jung:  'My Unknown Nickname is Cutie Pie'); Korea
Times 12/17/09 (Ko Hyun-joung Named Best TV Star); JoongAngDaily 12/10/09 (Actress returns to film in a
new role as herself); KBS Global 12/9/09 ("Actress' Reveals Real-life Personalities of Top Actresses); Chosun
Ilbo 6/6/09 (Koh Hyun-jung Talks About Changes On Screen and Off); Korea Times 1/22/09 (Actress Ko
Reveals Truth About Rumors); Chosun Ilbo 3/23/07; Chosun Ilbo 3/16/07; Chosun Ilbo 3/7/07; Korea Times
8/22/06; JoongAng Daily 5/2/06; Korea Times 4/18/06; Chosun Ilbo 4/17/06; KBS Global 3/24/06
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