Photo Album of  Korean Stars
La - Lee A
LEE AE JUNG (Yi Ae Jeong)
Born:  March 17, 1987
Died:  September 6, 2007
TV dramas:  Beautiful Days (sick girl); Four Sisters (teenage Hae-jung); Autumn Story
(teenage Shin-ae)
KBS Global 9/7/07

LEE AH HYUN  (Yi A Hyeon)   
Born:  April 13, 1972
Schools:  Yonsei University (voice major); Sejong University's School of Performing Arts
(graduate school)  
TV dramas:  Take Care of Us, Captain (Mal-ja); Dream (Geum-ja); Don't Cry My Love
(Mi-soo's sister); Love & Hate (Jung-hee); My Name is Kim Sam-soon (Sam-soon's
sister); Near to You (Yeon-sook); Wedding (Soo-kyung); Picnic; Sang Do; MBC Best
Theater/Lost Umbrella (Hae-ju); Her House (Mi-so); Secret (Team Captain Ha);  Should
My Tears Show (Kyung-eun)   
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Lee Ae Jung
Lee Ah Hyun
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