Photo Album of  Korean Stars
Bo - Bz
Real name:
TV dramas:  Expect to Date (Yeon-ae); ATHENA:  Goddess of War
Korea Herald 9/5/13 (BoA makes drama debut);   

BONG TAE GYU  (Bong Tae Kyu/Gyoo/Kyoo)
Born:  May 19, 1981
Height/Weight:  176 cm (5' 9") / 54 kg (119 lbs)
School:  MyungJi Jr. College
TV dramas:  Working Mom (Jae-sung); Ode to the Han River (Kang-soo); Miss Kim's Adventures in Making a
Million (Bong-gyu); Attic Cat
Movie:  See You After School (2006); When Romance Meets Destiny (2005); Sunday Seoul (2005); Jungle Juice
JoongAng Daily 7/20/11 (After hiatus, actor Bong hits the stage);  KBS Global 10/5/09 (Bong Tae-kyu
Embarrassed about Movie "A Tale Of Legendary Libido")
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Born:  June 8, 1946
Family:  married; 3 daughters
TV dramas:  My Too Perfect Sons (Jin-poong's grandfather); White Tower (Prof. Oh); Wolf (Dr. Yoon); My Girl
(Gong-chan's grandfather); Second Proposal (Mi-young's landlord); Damo; 1% of Something
Movies:  The Host (2006)

BYUN JUNG MIN (Byeon Jeong Min)
Real name:  Byun Eun Jung
Born:  May 21, 1976
Family:  Sister is actress Byun Jung Soo
Height/Weight:  172 cm (5' 8") / 48 kg (106 lbs)
TV dramas:    First Wives Club (Nami); Beautiful Temptation (Na-kyung)    

BYUN JUNG SU (Byeon Jeong Soo)
Born:  April 15, 1974
Family:  married with 2 daughters
School:  Kyungwon University
TV dramas:  Manny (Janice);   Last Scandal (Na-yoon); Bad Couple (Dol-soon); Wife's Uprising (Jung-kang); Not
Alone; The Marrying Type (Victory);  Women Next Door (Ae-kyung); Shoot for the Stars (Mi-ryun); Man in Crisis
JoongAng Daily 10/3/08 (Celebrities driven over the edge by online rumors); Korea Times 7/22/08 (Stars
Offer Trendy Tips Through Programs): KBS Global 11/30/07 (Byun Jeong-soo Does Volunteer Work in Africa);  
Chosun Ilbo 12/28/06; Chosun Ilbo 6/23/06

BYUN SO JUNG (Byeon So Jeong)
Born:  May 19, 1970
School:  Hanyang University
TV dramas:  Saxophone (Ja-young)

BYUN WOO MIN (Byeon Wu Min)
Birthdate:  December 1, 1964  
Height/Weight:  177 cm (5' 10") / 70 kg (154 lbs)   
School:  Joong Ahn University
TV dramas:  Lure of Wife;  Law Firm (Dong-ryung); Cheers for the Women (Jung-suk); Barefoot Days (Sung-jun)
KBS Global 6/15/09 (Byeon thanks friend actor Kim Min-jong)
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