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General Hospital 2
Gentleman's Dignity
Get Karl! Oh Soo-jung
Girls' High School People
Glass Castle
Glass Shoes/Glass Slippers
Glory of Family/Family of Honor
God of Study
God of War
God's Gift - 14 Days
Going with the Sun/Full of Sun
Golden Apple
Golden Bride
Golden Coach
Golden Cross
Golden Empire (see Empire of Gold)
The Golden Era
Golden Wagon/Golden Carriage
Goo Family Book
Good Day to Love
Good Job, Good Job
A Good Man
Good Wife (see Modern Housewives)
Goodbye My Love
Goodbye Solo
Goodbye to Sadness
Goong (see Palace)
Goong S
Gourmet (see Best Chef)
Great Expectations
A Great Hope/Daemang
The Great King Sejong
Greatest Love
Green Carriage
Green Rose
Ground Zero
Gu Family Book (see Goo Family Book)
Guardian Angel
Haeundae Lovers
Han Sung Byul Kok
Happy Together
A Happy Woman
Hardtack Teacher & Star Candy
Harvest Villa
Hateful But Once Again
HD TV Novel/Feature TV Dramas
He Who Can't Marry
Heading to the Ground
Heart of Lies
Heartless City
Hearts in Bali
Heaven's Tree/Trees in Heaven
Hello! Baby/Hello Miss
Hello!  Balbari
Hello God!
Her House
Her Legend
Here Comes Ajumma
Hidden Identity
High as the Sky, Wide as the Earth
High School - Love On
History of the Salaryman
Honest Living
Hong Gil-dong
Hot Tropical Nights in December
Housewife's Rebellion
How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor
Huh Joon
Husband's Lover/My Man's Woman
Hwang Jin-i
Hwasin:  Controller of the Heart
Hyunhaetan Marriage War
I Am Legend
I Am Sam
I Do I Do
I Love Hyun-jung
I Miss You
I Need Romance 3
Ice Girl/She Returned
If You Only Knew
Ijema/Man of the Sun, Lee Je-ma
I'm Your Teacher (see I Am Sam)
The Immortal Lee Soon-shin
In Search of Love
In Search of Son
In the Corner
Incarnation of Money
The Infamous Chill Sisters
Innocent Man
The Innocent Woman
In-soon Is Pretty/Pretty In-sun
Inspector Park Moon Soo
Into the Storm
Into the Sun  
Into the Sunlight
Invincible Lee Pyung Kang
Invisible Man Choi Jang-su
Iron Empress
It's Okay, That's Love