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updated:  9/20/15
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Ladies of the Palace
Landscape of My Heart
Last Scandal
Law Firm
The Law of Marriage
The Legend
Legends of Love
Let's Go to School, Sang-doo!
Let's Go to the Beach
Let's Marry
Letters to the Parents/Precious Family
Lie To Me
Life's Treats/Blushing with Love
Life Is Beautiful (SBS)
Like Father, Unlike Son
Like It Hot
Likeable or Not
Ling Ling
Little Women
Living in Style
Love & Ambition (MBC)
Love & Ambition (SBS)
Love & Hate
Love & Law
Love & Obsession

Love & Secret

Love & Success
Love in Heaven
Love Letter
Love of My Life
Love Rain
Love Story in Harvard
A Love to Kill
Love Without Regret (MBC Best
Love You Thousand Times
Lover (SBS)
Lovers in Paris/Romance in Paris
Lovers in Prague
Loving You - KBS
Loving You - MBC
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Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love
Jejungwon, The Hospital
Jolly Widows
Joseon Gunman
Joyful Girl's Success Story
Kang Goo's Story
Kangnam Mom
KARA:  Secret Love
Karl & Su-jung (see Get Karl! Oh Soo-
King 2 Hearts
King & I
The Kiss of April
Kitchen Maid  
Kok Ji  
Korea Secret Agency
Kuk Hee