Hi!  My name is KoreanWiz.  I'm not really an
expert on Korea, but I do enjoy learning about
Korean people and their culture.

I made this website in response to the growing
number of non-Koreans who have become
addicted to Korean TV dramas (myself
included).  For those of you with an insatiable
need to learn more about Korean dramas and
Korean culture, this website is made especially
for you.

Have fun!

Photo  and Article Credits:  Many photos
shown on my webpages are from Korean
websites created by KBS, MBC, SBS, Yahoo
Korea, EPG and devoted fans of Korean stars.  
Articles cited on my webpages are from
websites of various Korean news media.  My
sincerest thanks to all of these websites for
allowing me to use their photos and articles to
promote Korean dramas, culture and news
with the English-speaking world.

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Name:       KoreanWiz

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Table of Contents:

Understanding Korean Dramas

Listing of Korean TV Dramas (updated 10/20/14)

Photo Album of Korean TV Stars (updated 10/4/14)

News from KoreanWiz (updated 11/21/14)

Korean Movies You Can Watch Online (updated 10/4/14)

TV Drama DVDs & OSTs

Movie DVDs & OST8

TV Stations Showing Korean TV Dramas

Message Boards on Korean TV Dramas

Fan Clubs

Special Reports

People Behind the Scenes

What You Need to Know Before You Go to Korea

Saimin Boy

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